Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids Wrexham

Olivia Austin, Integrate Hearing Ltd

Olivia Austin Clinical Audiologist Bsc.(Hons) Audiology RHAD

Clinical Audiologist, BSc. (Hons) Audiology RHAD


We value your hearing and not just your eyesight!

We have partnered Integrate Hearing to offer you the full range of independent hearing services so you can now book in for your regular hearing test as well as your sight test. Our ear wax removal service uses the safest methods of wax removal and short waiting time for pain-free, quick relief from the discomfort wax blockage can cause.

Our hearing care service includes:

  • Free Hearing Assessments
  • Free Hearing Health Checks
  • Free Hearing Aid Trials
  • Invisible Hearing Aids with No Deposits!
  • Latest Technology from the World’s Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers.
  • Fully Comprehensive Lifetime Aftercare Service & Manufacturer Warranty
  • Hearing Aid Repair Service
  • Ear Wax Removal both Microsuction and Irrigation methods
  • Tinnitus Assessments and Rehabilitation
  • Custom Hearing Protection for workplace, shooting and musicians.

Prices start from £795 per hearing aid.


We can provide you with the best professional advice to promote your hearing health and keep you integrated in the hearing world. If you or a loved one are feeling blocked or no longer hearing clearly, why not book in for a free hearing check?

Please contact us on 01978 316770 or info@integratehearing.co.uk


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